Project Indemnity Fund



Executive Summary


The Project Indemnity Fund performs as a credit line to provide project financing around the world with easy application process, competitive interest rate and flexible payment options.
The Fund can finance any project from $20 million USD right up to $5 billion USD. The Fund has a very unique model which combines the security deposit with insurance products that creates very safe and tailored financing solutions to the clients and their stakeholders. 
The Project Indemnity Fund is very popular with projects that are more high risk or where the investment partner needs to ensure that his funds are completely safe at all times.
One of the reasons that this program performs very well is that unlike other loan programs, “Project Indemnity Fund” never needed “capital raising”. 
It performs based on it’s own capital. And the insurance coverage on the clients’ fund is another important advantage to make this program unique.


Fund Profile


  1. Fund
    • Founded at 2005, based at Barbados
    • Operation Offices at New York, London, Geneva, Toronto and Melbourne
  2. Fund Type
    • Moderate to high risk project
  3. Projects
    • Number of projects funded over 260
    • Total funding to date over USD20 billion
    • Current portfolio over USD4.2 billion
  4. Size
    • Project from $20 million USD right up to $5 billion USD


Loan Features



Loan Purpose
Purchase, development, construction of commercial project or infrastructure
Maximum LVR
From 4.5%
Minimum Loan Amount
$20,000,000 USD
Maximum Loan Amount
$5,000,000,000 USD
Security Deposit
Security Deposit Ratio to Total Loan Amount
Repayment Type
Interest only
Interest Rate Type
Standard Loan Term
24 months or 48 months
Approval Time
Can be completed in 60 days*
Monitoring on utilization of Loan
Loan Monitoring Fee
$5,000 USD/month

Options on Due Date


Pay off the outstanding loan
Extend for another 24 months or 48 months
Mortgage the outstanding principal to a longer term
Convert all of part of the outstanding principal to equity in the project based on the last valuation

The Lending Process


* The approval time is based on the standard process by the approval body of European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of USA in the past 10 years.  This does not include the preparation of documents, and any negotiation on terms of conditions of the agreement. WARNING: Different project will result in different approval time. Ecombuy Global Financing Service will assume no responsibility on the actual approval time.